Anime Boston 2012 is only a month away! Anyone else going?

While I won't be running a table in the Artist's Alley (don't think I'm quite good enough for that yet) I will be running around the con. Feel free to stop and say hello, take pictures, or even request a sketch!

My badge name is Nashida, and I will be going this year as N Harmonia from Pokemon Black and White. I've started uploading bits and pieces of my costume into the Craftwork section, so feel free to take a peek.
Added two new images to the Original Art section, one new image to Fan Art, and three new crafts to Craftwork. Check them out!
And I love that tweakage is a real word. Somewhat.
Tidied up a couple pages, added some captions to stuff, and added some new stuff.

Go have a look!
Nothing new to add yet. I've been quite busy as of late and I've been playing around with a few things. I do have a couple of Prismacolor pieces I'm hoping to finish soon.

Also, artist trading cards. Debating doing those too.

Till next time,

Thanks for stumbling upon this little page, and thank you to all those who followed me here from deviantART.

I figured I needed something a little more professional-looking than my deviantART gallery, so this is it. 

Feel free to bookmark this page, you never know when something new is going to pop up!